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Interfaith Minister Kathryn Cashman Solemniser of Marriages and Family Celebrant

Joining hands & hearts

Today couples of all faiths and non are choosing an Interfaith ceremony and service for its spiritually inclusive and personal approach.

It is a way of rejoicing in our differences and celebrating our commonality in an atmosphere of mutual love and respect outside of a traditional church setting.

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Who I Am and what do I do ?

Welcome and thank you for considering me as your celebrant.


It’s great to have a chance to introduce myself.

I absolutely love the work I do and I would love to be part of your day.

 Being an Interfaith minister and a family celebrant is one of the most fulfilling roles I have ever filled

(behind other notable ones such as being a wife

and mother to four beautiful children of course).

I live and work on an organic farm in County Cork with my husband Gerard, I adore country living.

I am a firm believer in ceremony.

Throughout life ceremony and ritual give meaning and value to milestones.

These rituals reinforce the significance of happy events such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, and lifecycle ceremonies and although a funeral isn’t usually considered a happy event, it is a valuable and significant occasion.

As an Interfaith minister my concern is with meeting the needs of individuals and to respect and honour their beliefs so that together we can create a ceremony that reflects those beliefs.

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Wedding Ceremonies in Ireland

Creating Memories

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Bride and Groom at Sunset
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Legally Binding Wedding Ceremonies

So you are getting married !

What could be more beautiful ?

Now that it is time to make a public statement to the world, you may  suddenly be filled with questions:

I can help you celebrate your union with all of the love, grace and magic it deserves.

Question… When and where will the ceremony take place?

Answer…. I can perform a legal wedding ceremony at a venue of your choice any day of the week at a time that suits you.

As long as the venue is registered with the HSE as a wedding venue.

Getting married on a beach or in your favourite garden is possible but the legalities will need to be considered in another way I can help you with this if needs be.

Question…. How do we make sure that our ceremony is a reflection of our love and our relationship?

Answer…. Your Ceremony is at the Heart of your Marriage.  It anchors your vision for your married life together.

So I take great care to work with you to create a ceremony that reflects your values and beliefs.

Question…. How can we create a wedding ceremony that merges our religious, spiritual, cultural and personal beliefs and can we include rituals?

Answer…. I will guide you and together we can create your ceremony in any style: such as religious, spiritual but non-religious, pagan, humanistic, mixed faith or other.

Your ceremony can contain your choice of readings, poems, music, songs, hymns, prayers or blessings. I have a large selection of resources to help you choose. 

Your ceremony might have a theme, such as family, romance, Celtic, traditional, or nature-inspired.

It may include rituals that are meaningful to you and appropriate to your ceremony, such as Lighting candles, for unity or remembrance.

A hand-fasting, tying or blessing of your hands.

Sand ceremony and many others.

You might have your own ideas and I would love to hear them.

Please take note that you have to give three months’ notice of intention to marry to the Civil Registration Office Register Office

Here is a really useful website that will tell you all about the legal necessities.

You will find me registered on the list of Registered Solemniser as Minister Kathryn Cashman One World Interfaith Foundation.

I  will as your Interfaith minister will make sure that your ceremony is a reflection of your love and your relationship.

I will officiate at your ceremony and legally solemnise your marriage in a way that is perfect to you.

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Wedding Ceremony Enhancements and Rituals

There are many ways to celebrate your marriage by including rituals
Here are a few ideas that can be made very personal to you as a couple.

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Hand Fasting Ceremony also known as Tying the Knot.

This involves the couple putting their hands together and pieces of ribbon or cord being tied around their hand, symbolising the bond of love. T

 The couple will link hands, to form an infinity circle, symbolizing entirety.  Then cords will be laid upon the hands and with each cord a promise or a blessing will be made. You can use different colour ribbons which all have different meanings.

Sand Ceremony

The couple combine sand from two jars, or multiple jars, into one jar and they get to keep it forever. A typical sand ceremony set includes three or four vases. In a three-vase set, there are two colours of sand (one for the bride, one for the groom) poured into the main vase. In a four-vase set, there are three colours – one for the bride, one for the groom, and a third colour in an extra vase to represent their union.
You can of course have as many people involved in this ceremony with many coloured sands.

Candle Lighting 

The Candle ceremony is one of the most well-known alternative unity ceremony ideas, and is a very romantic wedding ceremony that offers so many opportunities for you to make it unique and personal to you. In it you can include your family as well, and the lit candles in a dull room will look beautiful. This ceremony is very flexible, so adapt it and use whichever symbolism works best for you. Usually two individual candles are lit at the start of the ceremony and the Unity candle is lit after the vows and rings are exchanged.

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Getting Married

What is the next step?

The first thing is to contact me to discuss your wedding date.  I will start by asking you both some questions to help me understand what you love about each other and what getting married means to you. I will find out if you have any particular spiritual belief or traditions that you might  like to reflect in your ceremony and who else might be involved in the ceremony. I can do this face to face if it is convenient or over the phone, by email or on Skype.

    As your wedding day comes nearer, I will finalise the ceremony with you. I am available 24/7 if you need to speak to me.

    On the day of your wedding I will meet you at the venue, check the final arrangements and then conduct a wonderful personal marriage ceremony.

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